My little girl GaiAlmas Leni-Lagertha is turning 2 years today. Happy Birthday also to all her 11 siblings near and far! <3


Visiting our old home, the lake Chiemsee in Bavaria and its bay “Irschener Winkel”, which gave my first kennel in Germany its name.
(From right to left): Jättiläisen Gaia (9 years 2 months), her daughter Alma vom Irschener Winkel (6 years 3 months) and Alma’s daughters GaiAlmas Ronja (2 years 9 months) and GaiAlmas Leni-Lagertha (22 months)


GaiAlmas Leni-Lagertha was checked by my favourite cardiologist Dr. Killich (CC) in Munich, who I used to visit with my dogs for many years. Her heart is completely healthy and I am planning to mate her in autumn this year. The male will be announced soon.


We are just visiting our old home in Bavaria the first time after 3 years and I organized a meeting for my puppy buyers who live in southern Germany. Altogether 11 dogs – 4 generations – out of all of the five litters I bred until today came and of course mummy, granny and great granny Gaia. It was a fantastic, harmonious day with all danes and people having a lot of fun!


Snapshot of Gaia. When she sees something exciting she can still pose, even at the age of 9 years.


Gaia’s mother Taika (Jättiläisen Bouvardia Albiflora) at the age of 11 years and 4 months, still going strong. (photo: Kati Nieminen)


Jättiläisen Gaia, the mother, grandmother and great grandmother of my dogs, is celebrating her 9th birthday today in good health.


Three generations went to the heart check together to the renowned cardiologist Dr. Clarence Kvart. The result of auscultation, EKG and ultrasound is that Jättiläisen Gaia (almost 9 years old), her daughter Alma vom Irschener Winkel (6 years old) and Alma’s daughter GaiAlmas Pippilotta (2,5 years old) are perfectly healthy.


My dear girl Alma turns 6 years old today. She is in peak form, a bit whiter but not really wiser 😉
All puppies from the Finnish Winter Litter have found a new perfect home now and start to move out soon. Here some more pictures of them at the age of almost 8 weeks.


Leni-Lagertha was X-rayed on Monday and got the official results ED 0 and HD B. I also took some pictures of this 18 months old “lady” two weeks ago in the snow.


The puppies are now 4 weeks old and develop very well. The merle girl Kuura is still searching for a new home. You find more information on the litters’ page.


Alma (almost 6 years) with her daughter GaiAlmas Leni-Lagertha


Ronja gave birth to three beautiful puppies. One harlequin male, one merle female and one black female. All puppies are reserved.
I am planning another litter with my fawn girl Cookie this summer, so if you are interested in a puppy from my kennel you are welcome to contact me.


Today it has been confirmed by ultrasound that Ronja is expecting puppies in the middle of February. More information about the litter can be found here:
Litter Plans


New Litter Plans:


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