GaiAlmas Emil

Alma vom Irschener Winkel x Yukon Perasperaadastra

born: 07.10.2020

will be health-tested in 2023, complete scissor bite, Ichthyosis gene: free

Steinar (Emil) was born as the first puppy of Alma on my sofa. Only then I could convince her to continue in the whelping box 😉 Since the combination of my Astrid Lindgren litter is very special for me I wanted to keep a male for breeding – not at home but with a co-owner and I found a great family for him living about one hour away from me. You can find more information about his pedigree on his sister’s Ronja’s page and on the page of my Astrid Lindgren litter.

Steinar is from my Astrid Lindgren litter and named after Emil i Lönneberga. But actually they neither have the same hair color, nor the same character. Steinar is jet-black and not very cheeky, but as his sibblings quite easy to train and obedient.

He developed into a tall, but not giant male with a well-balanced anatomy. Steinar is already quite mature for his age, both physically and mentally. He is well-muscled with tight skin and athletic movement. I took care of him for some weeks this summer when his owner was ill, and could get to know his character very well. He is a sovereign dog without fear or aggression, I visited with him several events and he was friendly to all humans and dogs. Steinar will be health-tested in spring 2024 and if everything is ok he will be available for breeding for a very limited number of approved females. Too many very young males are used for breeding, which is not good for the health of the great dane. The older a male, the more diagnostically conclusive is his heart ultrasound and the more is known about the age/health of his parents/grandparents. More information about breeding for health and longevity can be found here: click!

Steinar at the age of 21 months at an oldtimer meeting